Quantum Solid State Waterbed Heater - Thermal Guardian

European heater
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  • Solid State Control Sensor
  • For Wood Frame Waterbeds
  • Lighted Dial
  • Certified to Underwriter's Laboratories for Waterbed Heater Standards
  • 18 Gauge power cord
  • 32-guage Nickel/Copper flexible circuitry
  • Larger Pad with 64-guage Thermal Fused DuraflexR Vinyl Premier Control Base
  • State-of-the-art Ultra sensitive electronic control that holds the temperature to + or - 1/8 degree of set point. Insures consistent and accurate temperature sensing and readout
  • 2 Year Full Warranty
  • 300 Watt for hardside waterbeds

300 watt heater

In some colder areas a single 300 watt waterbed heater may not be able to maintain a temperature above 90 degrees in some waterbeds. This effect is most noticeable in king size full motion waterbed mattresses and mattresses with only a few fiber layers.

If you need a heat setting over 90 degrees two heaters are recommended if you have a king size mattress with no fiber or few fiber layers.

Installation Instructions for This Heater

Is this a Winter Replacement? Waterbed Heater are low wattage devices manufactured specifically to protect the bottom of your mattress. They typically have as much power as an ordinary light bulb. If you are replacing a heater in Winter, the waterbed heater will simply be unable to bring dozens of gallons of cool water up to temperature. You should partiallly drain the mattress and refill with warm water to give your waterbed heater a head start.